Petition for free High-Efficiency masks to eliminate COVID-19


High Efficiency Masks

Provide All Families with High-Efficiency Masks or Respirators to Eliminate Community Transmission of SARS-CoV-2

Ensuring every home is equipped with reusable high-efficiency masks offers protection against the expected variants, whatever their nature may be. This airborne pandemic, with the mutations to come, is too unpredictable for the vaccine intervention to control alone, since no one knows the potential of the rising variants. High-efficiency masks can prevent contracting the virus and thus is key to eliminating the virus from our communities.
  • Current vaccines may not protect against current and future variants of the virus that will inevitably develop.
  • Vaccines do not eliminate the virus, SARS-CoV-2, from our bodies; it simply gives our immune systems, temporarily, a better chance of mitigating its damaging effects. The risk of ill health is still present given the lack of absolute vaccine efficacy.
  • Only focusing on vaccines as an exit strategy will cause more morbidity and mortality than necessary.

If governments genuinely wish to take appropriate precautions, to act in the spirit of the precautionary principle, they will make high-efficiency masks available to their jurisdictions. This should not only be seen as an intervention for the current disaster: ensuring every family has access to reusable high-efficiency respirators that are designed to last multiple years, would safeguard our citizens from future respiratory pandemics and diseases including seasonal influenza and asthma.

Had authorities acted more aggressively prior to December 2019, the return on investment would have been immense: over 3,000,000 deaths (as of April 2021) could have been prevented, not to mention the morbidity, the bankrupt businesses, and the restrictions on our freedoms. We must begin producing high-efficiency masks and pressure our local leaders to support these endeavors. There is an opportunity for us to save lives if we take action now to provide high efficiency masks and/or respirators to protect against the future variants. There is an opportunity to protect humanity from the unknowable disasters to come.

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